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The New York State District Attorneys Association: An Illustrated History, by Albert M. Rosenblatt, is by the author's own admission, an irregular chronology of the new York State District Attorneys Association. Justice Rosenblatt compiled this volume using his own intimate knowledge of the Association's history, by combing through archives and by tracking down former members and their families for anecdotal and photographic evidence. The result is the definitive resource on the first 90 years of the Association.

The New York State District Attorneys Association: An Illustrated History

1909: William T. Jerome, New York County

1910: Francis A. Winslow, Westchester County

1911: Rollin B. Sanford, Albany County

1912: George H. Bond, Onondaga County

1922: Joab H. Banton, New York County

1923: William F. Love, Monroe County

1924: William F. Love, Monroe County

1925: William F. Love, Monroe County

1926: William F. Love, Monroe County

1927: William F. Love, Monroe County

1928: William F. Love, Monroe County

1929: William F. Love, Monroe County

1930: William F. Love, Monroe County

1931: William F. Love, Monroe County

1932: Austin W. Erwin, Livingston County

1933: Nathan D. Lapham, Ontario County

1934: Frank H. Coyne, Westchester County

1935: Nathan D. Lapham, Ontario County

1936: William H. Munson, Orleans County

1937: Samuel J. Foley, Bronx County

1938: Elliott A. Horton, Livingston County

1939: John R. Schwartz, Dutchess County

1940: Daniel J. O’Mara, Monroe County

1941: Edward J. Neary, Nassau County

1942: Donald M. Mawhinney, Onondaga County

1943: Walter B. Reynolds, Chemung County

1944: Carl J. Hynes, Jefferson County

1945: Samuel J. Foley, Bronx County

1946: Leo J. Hagerty, Erie County

1947: Frank S. Hogan, New York County

1948: J. Clarence Herlihy, Warren County

1949: Miles F. McDonald, Kings County

1950: Robert O. Brink, Broome County

1951: George M. Fanelli, Westchester County

1952: Wallace J. Stakel, Genesee County

1953: George B. DeLuca, Bronx County

1954: Frank A. Gulotta, Nassau County

1955: Carleton J. King, Saratoga County

1956-May 1956: Harry C. Brenner, Suffolk County

1956: John F. Dwyer, Erie County

1957: Edward S. Silver, Kings County

1958: T. Paul Kane, Schoharie County

1959: Abraham S. Isseks, Orange County

1960: Raymond C. Baratta, Dutchess County

1961: Frank D. O’Connor, Queens County

1962: John T. Casey, Rensselaer County

1963: John M. Braisted, Jr., Richmond County

1964: Isidore Dollinger, Bronx County

1965: Paul H. McCabe, Chemung County

1966: Leonard Rubenfeld, Westchester County

1967: William Cahn, Nassau County

1968: Michael F. Dillon, Erie County

1969: Angelo J. Ingrassia, Orange County

1/1970 - 6/1970: Joseph P. Torraca, Ulster County

1970/1971: Robert R. Meehan, Rockland County

1971/1972: Burton B. Roberts, Bronx County

1972/1973: John F. O’Mara, Chemung County

1973/1974: Carl A. Vergari, Westchester County

1974/1975: Albert M. Rosenblatt, Dutchess County

1975/1976: Eugene Gold, Kings County

1/1976 - 8/1976: Jon K. Holcombe, Onondaga County

1976/1977: D. Bruce Crew, III, Chemung County

1977/1978: John M. Finnerty, Steuben County

1978/1979: Patrick D. Monserrate, Broome County

1979/1980: Thomas R. Sullivan, Richmond County

1980/1981: Edward C. Cosgrove, Erie County

1981/1982: Robert M. Morgenthau, New York County

1982/1983: Sol Greenberg, Albany County

1983/1984: Richard A. Hennessy, Jr., Onondaga County

1984/1985: Kenneth Gribetz, Rockland County

1985/1986: Patrick Henry, Suffolk County

1986/1987: David A. Wait, Saratoga County

1987/1988: Richard J. Arcara, Erie County

1988/1989: William L. Murphy, Richmond County

1989/1990: Howard R. Relin, Monroe County

1990/1991: Denis E. Dillon, Nassau County

1991/1992: James T. Hayden, Chemung County

1992/1993: Robert T. Johnson, Bronx County

1993/1994: Kevin M. Dillon, Erie County

1994/1995: James M. Catterson, Jr., Suffolk County

1995/1996: Charles J. Hynes, Kings County

1996/1997: Francis D. Phillips, II, Orange County

1997/1998: Richard A. Brown, Queens County

1998/1999: William J. Fitzpatrick, Onondaga County

1999/2000: Jeanine Ferris Pirro, Westchester County

2000/2001: Robert M. Carney, Schenectady County

2001/2002: John C. Tunney, Steuben County

2002/2003: James B. Vargason, Cayuga County

2003/2004: Michael A. Arcuri, Oneida County

2004/2005: Kevin L. Wright, Putnam County

2005/2006: Frank J. Clark, Erie County

2006/2007: Michael E. Bongiorno, Rockland County

2007/2008: James A. Murphy III, Saratoga County

2008/2009: Daniel M. Donovan, Richmond County

2009/2010 Kathleen B. Hogan, Warren County

2010/2011 Derek P. Champagne, Franklin County

2011/2012 Janet DiFiore, Westchester County

2012/2013 Cyrus R. Vance Jr., New York County

2013/2014 Kathleen M. Rice, Nassau County

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