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"The purposes of this organization are to serve as an agency for closer personal acquaintance among prosecuting officials in the State of New York and to make possible the exchange of information and views in respect to the conduct of their various offices so as to promote a greater degree of efficiency and, as deemed necessary or advisable, to so support or oppose legislation for the amendment of the criminal law and for the improvement of the procedure of the prosecution of crime."

Article 1, Section 2 - DAASNY Constitution


2013 Laws of Interest

Chapter 7 of 2013: Relates to Orders of Observation for the Purpose of Determining Incapacitation

Chapter 1 of 2013: NY Safe Act

2012-2013 DAASNY Letters of Support

Restitution for Seized Animals

Assault Against a Prosecutor

Public Trust Act

Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL)

Enhanced Penalties for the Murder of a Prosecutor

Sentences of Probation

Order of Observation

Czajka v. Dellehunt

Redefining Sexual Intercourse

Prevention of Firearms Violence

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Redefining Rape

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Qualified Agencies

Parole Release Interviews

Runner's Act

Electronic Filing

2011 NYSBA Taskforce on Government Ethics Report

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National Right to Carry Act of 2011

Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act

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Helmsley Fix

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Criminalize the the Release of Sealed Court Records

Drug Overdose

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New York State Identification Procedure Guidelines

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Proposed Rule 3.8 - Special Responsibilities of Prosecutors

2013 Law Enforcement Council Legislative Priorities

DAASNY is a member of the New York State Law Enforcement Council, a group formed in 1982 as a legislative advocate for New York's law enforcement community. The Council's members represent the leading law enforcement professionals throughout the State, including the Attorney General of the State of New York, the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York, the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, the New York State Sheriffs' Association, the New York City Criminal Justice Coordinator, and the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City. Since its inception, the Council has been an active voice and participant in improving the quality of justice and in the continuing effort to provide for a safer New York.

Provide Tools to Shut Down Gangs; Protect Witnesses

Gangs, with their attendant violence and pervasive, ruthlessly enforced street ethos of silence, are ripping apart communities across New York State. Gang violence is no longer a problem only found in big cities; the geographical distribution, structure, and related criminal activities undertaken by gangs have changed dramatically in the last decade. New York State needs a unified, multipronged approach to relieving our communities of the burden of gang violence. The 2013 Gang Violence and Witness Protection chapter (.pdf).

Stop No-Fault Insurance Fraud

No Fault Insurance Fraud is costing New Yorkers hundreds of millions of dollars in higher insurance premiums. Moreover, the accidents that criminals stage as part of their fraud schemes puts lives at risk. Many individuals who profit from no-fault insurance fraud cannot be charged under current law, allowing these schemes to perpetuate.The 2013 No-Fault Insurance Fraud Chapter (.pdf).

Create a New Felony Offense of Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Current law does not adequately hold parents and other caretakers accountable when they repeatedly abuse children, place their children in grave danger, or act in a particularly vicious or sadistic manner.  An aggravated child endangerment statute would create a felony for people in a position of trust who commit child endangering and have been previously convicted of one or more crimes against a child. It would also make cruelty to children that may not cause visible physical injuries, but is vicious or sadistic, a class E felony. The 2013 Felony Child Endangerment chapter (.pdf).

Establish Penalties for Non-Controlled Prescription Drug Diversion

Non-controlled prescription drug diversion, a relatively new category of drug dealing, has grown exponentially in the last few years. In a non-controlled drug scheme, the most expensive prescriptions, typically AIDS medications, are paid for using Medicaid money, sold on the street for a fraction of their actual value, and then re-sold to unscrupulous pharmacies or shipped overseas for significant profits. This practice comes with enormous financial loss to the state and a significant threat to public safety. The 2013 Prescription Drug Diversion chapter (.pdf).

Enhance Protections for Police Officers

When individuals fail to heed police authority, they put police officers and bystanders in danger.Those who willfully ignore the lawful commands of a police officer and attack police officers must be subject to higher penalties.  These enhancements are necessary to ensure the safety and stability provided by the rule of law. The 2013 Police Protection chapter (.pdf).

To view the Law Enforcement Council's 2013 Legislative Priorities Handbook in its entirety click here.


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